badlandStill from video Badland


The video installation consists of a video in a loop displayed on the mobile phone fix on a table and a bowl of Chinese soup ready to brew.

The title "Badland" refers to the place where the heroine is. She is separated from her life, she feels hopelessness, which is compounded by the lack of contact with the child and the possibility of realizing herself as a mother. She tries to adapt to the life in the ward. Chinese soup is part of the ritual that accompanies her daily routine. Who has nothing to brew (i.e has no instant soup to be prepared) - is excluded from the group at the ward. The “brewing” is also an opportunity to buy in the favours of senior residents of a psychiatric hospital.

5 mins in loop

Shown at 18. SURVIVAL Art Review, Wocław, Poland 26-30.06.2020