Marta Stysiak (b. 1982) is a Polish cinematographer graduated from the National Film School In Łódź. Stysiak is the author of photographic projects and photographs of a filmic backdrop or related to film in general. She is the author of photography for documentaries, reportages, short features, video art and experimental videos. Her photographs were published among others in Polish magazines, Le journal de la Photogrphie, Dailyserving, GUP magazine and are in private collections. She is a recepient of an Award from European Capital of Culture Wroclaw and Credit Suisse for Polish Contemporary Art "Przypływ. Młoda polska sztuka współczesna". Stysiak is based in Warsaw, where she lives and works freelance.


02/2016 Stysiak / Piasta EXISTENCE, solo exhibition, Galeria 58, Radom, Poland.
05/2015 WITH, group exhibition, ESPACIO Gallery, London, UK
05/2014 Simple Things, series shown at MOK Gallery in Olsztyn as a part of "Still Lifes", Exhibition, Poland
01/2014 Obok, ZPAF Gallery, solo exhibition, Warsaw, Poland
10/2013 The Princess and the wall, DokumentART – European Festival for Documentaries, Poland/Germany
09/2012 The Princess and the wall, Festival Internacional De Cine Mar Del Plata, Argentina & Camerimage Film Festival, Bydgoszcz, Poland
04/2012 A4 format, photography exhibition, Radom, Poland
01/2011 Holocaust Memorial Day Festival, film screening, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
04/2010 Candid Room Gallery, The Drop screening, London UK
04/2010 Media Travel festival, for Happened here, Łódź, Poland
04/2010 The Drop, The Candid Room gallery, London, UK
03/2010 The Drop, The FleaPit, London, UK
09/2009 "City and.." photography exhibition, Radom, Poland
06/2009 RePlace, Ada Gallery, London, UK
05/2009 Underground City, Divus, London, UK
05/2009 Optimistic Immigrants, Kinescope New European Art Collective, Launch Screening, Brighton, UK
10/2008 Optimistic Immigrants, This Is Not A Gateway Festival, Guestroom, London, UK
10/2008 Third International Festival of Experimental Film and Video Art in Rybnik, II award for the experimental film Synergy, Poland
04/2008 Relocating Absence, Elevator Gallery, London, UK
05/2008 The end of summer, screening at Tender Pixel Gallery, London, UK


Sing - documentary film, author of photography, in production (Arkna Studio), 2015/2016
Collection - documentary film, author of photography, POLIN Museum of Jewish History, 2014
Officer's word – short feature, directed, Film and Television Academy, Warsaw, 2012
Wild Garden of Łukasz Łuczaj – documentary TV program, author of photography (selected episodes), Canal +
The princess and the wall - documentary film, author of photography, Warsaw 2012
Happened here – documentary film, shot and directed, executive producer, 2010
The Drop - short feature, production Synergy collective collaboration with Transport theatre group, co-written, shot and edited, 2010
I don't know where to look before I die - video, experimental, shot and directed, 2009
Never mind me, short feature, color - cinematography and color correction, 2009
Synergy – experimental, color/black & white – shot and edited – production Synergy collective, collaboration with Z.T Kotkiewicz, 2008
The end of summer – feature, color - written, shot, edited and directed, 2007
Slow – video, experimental, shot and directed, 2007
Passenger – short feature, color - written, and directed, 2006
The bath – short feature, written, shot, edited and directed, 2006
Way home – experimental, color - written, shot, edited and directed, 2006
Beside – documentary film, color – written, shot, edited and directed, 2005
I’m from London – written and directed, 2004