My artistic interests center around photography, experimental film works, documentary and feature film . In my practice, all have their say. Merging together they deliver new contexts and sets of recollections or current affairs. The Stories of certain people and places are of my main concern. I very much rely on people I truly know or love as well as places which allure me with its mood, light or with no apparent reasons. Photographs of people, their sexuality, surroundings, temporary locations, rented flats in the country of emigration, rented but not yet paid for, usually with low income or close to none and my relation with them in the past and present, doesn’t have a punch line. They recollect a time and place we once shared. And I consider this to be worth the most as will never happen again. Intimacy, film landscape and migration/translocation transgress in the background. The 35 mm negative aesthetics intensifies the feeling of having crossed the borders; past and present, reality and film gelatin silver emulsion, between one country and another. I value imperfection and accident though not crave for them as trying to use materials that give desired effect i.e 20 year’s old negatives, tone negative, color negatives, pin hole camera.


Marta Stysiak 2016