"Simple things"

In nursing homes I’m searching for things outside the imposed fine aesthetic advertising, existing on the sidelines, which are the actual executors and guardians of the activities of daily life. Human history, places, events, can be told from the window sills, bedside tables and kitchen countertops. Still lives left after the daily rituals. Simple style and subject, in which the object and the event represented by him are not edited like commercials in magazines, which gives a real sense of austerity and honesty. For places of search I chose the spaces from the social point of view extreme: nursing homes. Places of oblivion, sadness, boredom, humble joy, abstracted from the illusion imposed by the media. They’re a chance for me to examine outmoded genre of art that is still life. What object is able to tell today? Revoked by pop culture and general well-being is it able to confront the man?