It starts with a slight persuade mind when losing the firmness of stem no longer has the strength to keep heavy bud. The tips of the petals gently wrinkled. Then, day after day, flower darkens, softens, shrinks and rot. Rarely we look at the death of flowers, ruthlessly removing the bouquets when just starting to wilt. The young woman with the camera allows them to stay and peacefully, respectfully and almost tenderly documents the the passing. For a moment, takes her eyes away from the flowers to catch scattered toys and baby puzzled look. Then, when the baby sleeps, puts together these images, some apparently studied, others seemingly random and browse them through. She sees the tips of the petals gently wrinkled and slightly bows her head, sensing the imminent.

text by film director M.Kozera  


Selfportrait is recently part of a show Existence. Stysiak/Piasta. The work is accompanied with a 3d hologram of a stone displayed in a black box 20x30x20 cm.